Modern Healthcare Safety Management System
Development and Auditing

Auditing a Safety and Health Management System

Health and Safety Authority - ISBN 1-84496-045-5 (PDF file)

How to implement safer workplace practices

ACC WorkSafe - NZ (PDF file)


Alberta Employment and Imigration (PDF file)

Introduction to quality improvement methods

WHO (PDF file)

Workplace Safety and Health Management


Health and Safety Management Systems

Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA)(PDF file)

Safety & Health Management System

BarricK (PDF file)

Using Six Sigma in Safety Metrics

Patricia O'Rourke, R.N., C.H.C.M, C.S.H.M, PSC (PDF file)

An OSH Management System

International Labour Organization (PDF file)

Performance-Based Safety� Modern Measurement for Modern Times

Q5 Systems, Anaheim, California (PDF file)

National Self-Insurer OHS Audit Tool User Guide & Workbook

National Self Insurer OHS Audit Tool, August 2009 (PDF file)

MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - Occupational Health and Safety: The Road Ahead

"Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems are an emerging trend in business and in the health and safety field. They reflect the principles of quality, due diligence and continual improvement and provide for the creation of prevention programs that can be implemented, maintained, documented and verified. - With the advent of recent amendments to the Criminal
Code of Canada, organizations and senior officers may be held liable for the negligent actions of their representatives. In addition to enhancements of organizational and personal penalties, the justice system has been given new creative powers for sentencing, including the institution of standards, policies, procedures and practices. A managed system approach incorporates these elements into health and safety programs, allowing for injury and illness prevention and the creation of due diligence". — IAPA (Industrial Accident Prevention Association)

Measuring Safety Performance With Leading Indicators

John Leyland BA, DOHS, DipAdEd, CUSA, CRSP (ppt)

Studer Group

Studer Group is an outcomes based healthcare consulting firm devoted to teaching evidence-based tools and processes that organizations can immediately use to create and sustain outcomes in service and operational excellence. Partner organizations see clear results in the areas of higher employee retention, greater patient and customer satisfaction, healthy financials, growing market share, and improvements in various other quality indicators.

Canadian Standards Association - CSA Z1000-06

Many organizations are implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) as part of their risk management strategy to address changing legislation and protect their workforce. CSA Z1000-06 standard provides a framework for developing and implementing an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS). Based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act management structure, CSA Z1000-06 provides a model for identifying occupational health and safety hazards, evaluating associated risks, and managing preventative and protective measures. Starting with the general requirements for management commitment, leadership, and effective participation, the standard stipulates requirements for worker participation, emergency preparedness, training, procurement, documentation, change management, incident investigation and compliance evaluations. This standard is designed for organizations looking for a proven management system approach to advance their occupational health and safety performance. Organizations will find useful explanatory notes and informative references in the Annexes of the standard. Conforming to the standard's requirements will allow the organization to better identify, eliminate and implement actions to manage occupational health and safety hazards and associated risks. This is a Model for Developing and Implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System - Proactive safety management is key to controlling hazard risks and reducing injury rates as well as related financial losses.

BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Improvements and changes to the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Requirements Standard - BSI Group: Assessment & Certification services, Management systems, Occupational Health & Safety Management


Environmental Management Systems:
An Implementation Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations

NSF International (PDF file)

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

"Over the years, our ES&H programs have achieved excellent results. This is because they are an integral part of our culture � embodied in everything that we do. Our Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS) provides a clear framework for incorporating safety and environmental considerations into the management and performance of all Laboratory work activities. It strongly reinforces our policy that the responsibility for environment, safety and health resides with each individual and every line manager."

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Environment Health and Safety Management System

"By creating a well-defined and structured EHS Management System embedded in the daily activities of the Institute, MIT has built an infrastructure that ensures long-term success and sustainability in meeting and surpassing its environment, health and safety obligations. Each component of the EHS Management System is designed to work interdependently in an integrated fashion that continually reinforces the common objective of improving EHS performance."

Ensuring A Safe Environment for Patients and Caregivers

"UVAHS structures ensure that nurses are working and caring for patients in a safe practice environment. Many of the activities to assure a safe and secure environment of care for patients also support a safe environment for our staff. The link between safe, competent practice, high-quality patient outcomes and a healthy productive work environment is well-established in the healthcare and business literature." � University of Virginia

Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems

International Labour Organization (PDF file)

Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems (ILO-OSH 2001)

ILO (PDF file)

ISO & OHSAS Road Map - The MD Anderson Journey

M. D. Anderson has implemented a comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety Management System that meets the registration criteria for the ISO 14001:2004 Standard. Our EHSMS program identifies and mitigates safety and environmental issues in a cost effective, risk-based manner. M. D. Anderson seeks to achieve continual improvement in environmental health and safety performance by a systematic method to manage potential risks.
� The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center (PDF file)

QMI Management Systems Registration

OHSAS 18001 is an international occupational health and safety management system standard that helps enable organizations to control health and safety risks, while at the same time promoting employee well-being and a safe work environment. Many healthcare service providers have implemented the OHSAS 18001 standard to help ensure the safety of their employees. Especially within the healthcare industry, there is a need to reduce and eliminate the occurrences of and costs associated with occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

Quality, Safety, and Environment: Synergy in the 21st Century by Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis explains how applying quality management principles to safety and environmental issues can result in growth for an organization where safety and environment endeavors are concerned. This is the only book demonstrating that problems stemming from quality, safety and environment share the same root cause and respond to the identical remedies offered by a modern quality management system.

BSI Management Systems

Key steps that every organization implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System will need to consider.

ANSI/AIHA Z10-2005 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Safety and Health Management Systems eTool

U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Health and Safety Benchmarking

U.K. Health and Safety Executive (PDF file)


U.K. Health and Safety Executive (PDF file)

The Importance of Human Resources Management in Health Care: A Global Context

Hum Resour Health. 2006; 4: 20

CAN/CSA-ISO 19011-03 (R2007)
Guidelines for Quality and/or Environmental Management Systems Auditing

This International Standard provides guidance on the principles of�auditing, managing audit programmes, conducting quality management�system audits and environmental management system audits, as well as�guidance on the competence of quality and environmental management�system auditors. It is applicable to all organizations needing to conduct internal or�external audits of quality and/or environmental management systems or to manage an audit programme.

Occupational Health and Safety Management Audit Instruments: A Literature Review

Institute for Work and Health (PDF file)

Auditing Health and Safety Management Systems

Victorian WorkCover Authority (PDF file)

Workwell Health and Safety Audit Document

Ontario WSIB (PDF file)

OnLine Ethics Centre - Engineering and Environment Case Studies

Professional Ethics in Occupational Health � A European Perspective

National Institute for Working Life, Stockholm, Sweden

Canadian College of Health Service Executives

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Guidelines for Protecting OHS of Healthcare Workers

National Quality Institute - Healthy Workplace Progressive Excellence Program


Institute for Healthcare Improvement

To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System

The National Academies Press

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) (U.S.)

Perot Systems - Business & Information Technology Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Minerva Safety Management

"Minerva is a not for profit corporation dedicated to improving business effectiveness through Safety Management Education. We target tomorrow's leaders by encouraging colleges and universities to embed safety management education into the Core Curricula of business and engineering programs."

Health Care Without Harm

Mission: To transform the health care sector worldwide, without compromising patient safety or care, so that it is ecologically sustainable and no longer a source of harm to public health and the environment.

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

CBC News: Workplace Safety (Healthcare)


Hospital Report Research Collaborative

UBC Centre for Healthcare Management - Multimedia CHCM Webcasts

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation - Nursing Leadership, Organization and Policy - Staffing For Safety

Modern Management Course

"Modern Management is for newly-appointed supervisors, multi-disciplinary team leaders, program coordinators and managers across the continuum of health services. It provides a solid introduction to contemporary management concepts, functions and behaviours, and a broad base for further career and leadership development."

Canadian Healthcare Association

York University - Health Administration: Current Subscriptions to Library Journals and Magazines

Hospitals for a Healthy Environment

McGill University Hospital Centre / MGH Medical Library - Healthcare Administration

Canadian College of Health Services Executives - Health Care Safety Award

Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada is committed to playing a major role in improving patient safety. In addition to standards that address patient safety challenges, Accreditation Canada has developed Patient Safety Goals and Required Organizational Practices (ROPs) that have been an integral part of the accreditation program since January 2006.

The Joint Commission Accreditation Program: Hospital Environment of Care

The Joint Commission - 2008 (PDF file)

The Joint Commission - Life Safety

The Joint Commission - 2008 (PDF file)

University of Kentucky Hospital Safety Management Plan

(PDF file)

PETERSEN�S PAGE: Know your operating environment - Dr. Dan Petersen

PETERSEN�S PAGE: To reduce human error - Dr. Dan Petersen


(PDF file)

Safety and Health Management Systems eTool


Executive Safety Leadership

By Dr. Dan Petersen and Kyle Dotson (PDF file)

Human Error: Models and Management

James Reason, Professor of Psychology - BMJ 2000;320:768-770 (18 March)

Why Safety is a People Problem - Dr. Dan Petersen

If you want to improve your safety performance, says consultant, author and educator Dan Petersen, put away your accident statistics and start listening to the real experts on safety -- your employees. (Environmental Health and Safety Today)

Business Results Through Health and Safety

WSIB Ontario (PDF file)

The Role of Managerial Leadership in Determining Workplace Safety Outcomes

Angela O�Dea and Rhona Flin, University of Aberdeen (PDF file)

The Effectiveness of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems: A Systematic Review - Robson L, et. al

Institute for Work and Health

Navigating the Perfect Storm: Balancing a Culture of Safety With Workforce Challenges

Hinshaw, Ada Sue, Nursing Research: January/February 2008 - Volume 57 - Issue 1 - pp S4-S10

Leading Change: A Model by John Kotter - (Kotter, John. P. "Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail." Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review, March�April, 1995)

By Kenneth H. Rose, PMP, ESI International

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems -

Clare Gallagher et al (PDF file)

Transport Canada - Introduction to SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS

(PDF file)

Safety Management Systems Audit Tools and Reliability of Auditing

(PDF file)

The Effectiveness of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems:
A Systematic Review

Institute for Quality and Work (PDF file)

Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

(PDF file)

Reducing Occupational Injuries and Their Impact Among Healthcare Workers

Jaime Guzman, MD MSc FRCPC. November 19, 2008 (PDF file)

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