Occupational Health and Safety Services

(in accordance with local Federal, Provincial, STate legislative requirements and guidelines as appropriate)

Contact: Christopher Lipowski, CRSP

Health Care Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy Development

  • corporate health and safety policy *
  • Joint Commission Environment of Care Standards / Master Plan
  • infection control
  • fire safety
  • NFPA Life Safety Code
  • health and safety management system
  • health and safety management system internal audit
  • health and safety training
  • management workplace safety inspections
  • contractor health and safety
  • Canada WHMIS / U.S. OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
  • early safe return to work (ESRTW)
  • others upon request

*policy considers – legislative requirements, due diligence, internal responsibility system, specific responsibilities and accountabilities, and industry best practices, Joint Commission Environment of Care Standards (U.S.), Accreditation Canada recommendations).


Standard Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) DEVELOPMENT

  • hazard identification and risk assessment
  • job safety analysis
  • laboratory safety / chemical safety - handling / storage / PPE
  • acrylamide use in healthcare
  • hydrofluoric acid hazard control
  • antineoplastic agents / hazardous drugs exposure prevention
  • formaldehyde and other specific chemical hazard exposure prevention
  • anesthetic gases in healthcare
  • slip trip falls prevention
  • musculoskeletal injury prevention
  • safe lifting practices
  • ergonomics - office / computer user / laboratory
  • medical sharps injury prevention and sharps disposal practices
  • confined space entry (permit required)
  • compressed gas safety
  • handling cryogenic materials
  • workshop safety and machine guarding
  • autoclave use hazard control measures
  • indoor air quality reporting and investigation
  • others upon request


  • health and safety corporate annual report for senior management
  • HSMS management review results report for senior management
  • internal audit findings and improvement recommendations for senior management
  • occupational accident with root cause and recommended remediation strategies
  • health and safety program performance gap analysis with improvement recommendations
  • occupational accident / disease trends analysis with improvement recommendations
  • workplace accident / injury / cost reduction recommended action plan
  • continuous quality improvement proposal reports
  • others upon request
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- Workplace Environmental and OccupationAl Safety InspectionS /
- Organizational Legislative Compliance Assessment /
- Occupational Accident / Disease Investigation /
- Contractor Compliance Oversight

  • construction renovation contractor oversight to assure legislative compliance
  • team leader for comprehensive workplace occupational and environment safety inspections
  • perform workplace hazard identification and risk assessment
  • perform occupational accident / occupational disease investigation (direct and root cause)
  • provide occupational health and safety consultation and legislative requirements advice to all levels of management, staff, faculty, and students.
  • perform health and safety legislative compliance and due diligence review
  • comprehensive Root Cause Analysis of Management System Faliure/s with corrective recommendations to meet legislative due diligence
  • FMEA
  • perform health and safety program quality and effectiveness evaluation e.g. infection prevention and control, risk assessment, falls prevention, chemical hazard exposure control
  • perform evaluation of standard safe work procedures and practices (staff and management)
  • perform detailed occupational health and safety training needs assessment and identify gaps of vital importance to meet legislative requirements and to imrpove incident injury rates and associated costs.
  • manage safety eduation activites / coordinate external safety training service providers

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Health and Safety Management System development / coordination
in accordance with CSA Z1000-06; OHSAS 18001:2007 - ISO 45001(2016)

  • develop HSMS Policy and Plan
  • coordinate all aspects of HSMS development
  • coordinate all aspects of HSMS including internal audit
  • perform document review and develop storage database in conformance with specific HSMS elements
  • prepare and coordinate HSMS Audit Action Plan / Protocol, procedures, tools, responsibilities, timeline requirements, management / staff / and employee interviews, electronic staff surveys
  • prepare HSMS Audit Final Report with Improvement Action Plan for identified non-conformities
  • prepare HSMS Management Annual Review Report for senior management
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Health & Safety Program Performance Analysis / Incident Trends Analysis
(Safety Gap Analysis)

Perform comprehensive analysis of occupational accident / disease trends for determining safety program performance and effectiveness and subsequently provide detailed written report on legislative non-compliance findings and recommended cost effective improvement strategies.

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Corporate Health and Safety Program and StanDard Practice Development

  • Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention
  • Comprehensive Office / Computer user Ergonomics Assessment and User Training
  • Slips Trips Falls Prevention
  • Medical Sharps Injury Prevention
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Laboratory Safety / Chemical Safety / Chemical Storage
  • Asbestos Control, Management and Oversight of Abatement Contractors
  • Mould, Management and Oversight of Abatement Contractors
  • WHMIS (GHS) / OSHA Hazard Communications Standard
  • Fume Hood Safety Program
  • Safe Early Return to Work / Collaboration with management and unions for success outcome
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment with Cost Effective Remediation Strategies
    - in accordance with (CSA Z1002-12 - Occupational health and safety - Hazard identification and elimination and risk assessment and control)
  • Permit and non-permit required confined space entry assessment and procedure development standards operating practice
  • Lock out tag out (LOTO) policy and SOP
  • others upon request
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Health and Safety Tools Development

  • hazard identification and risk assessment tool
  • office ergonomic risk assessment control training guides and other resources
  • corporate health and safety manual with program guidelines
  • internal HSMS audit tracking tool
  • indoor air quality problem report form
  • hazardous substance exposure assessment form
  • hazard risk matrix tables
  • workplace safety inspection guide and sector specific checklists
  • health and safety information sheets
  • health and safety posters
  • health and safety training PowerPoint presentations
  • occupational accident investigation with root cause analysis guide
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Industrial Hygiene

    NOTE: One of the most important objectives of industrial hygiene is to accurately assess employees' occupational exposure to suspected contaminants and where necessary carry out exposure measurements using appropriate instrumentation.
    Employers are advised to seriously consider the ethical and legal implications of permitting unqualified persons to perform industrial hygiene monitoring in their workplace. The quality of an industrial hygiene exposure assessment is vital to determine whether an employee is exposed to a particular hazardous substance and determining type of risk controls when required. Only professionally certified and experienced industrial hygienists should be performing this type of investigation (e.g. CIH / ROH).

  • occupational hygiene survey - perform risk assessment and determine whether exposure monitoring is required; select method of evaluation in accordance with NIOSH Guidelines for Air Sampling and Analytical Method; select qualifed, credible industrial hygiene service provider; arrange for and oversee all aspects of industrial hygiene monitoring process; submit comprehensive written report with findings and remediation / control recommendations.
  • computer workstation ergonomic assessment - evaluation, consultation, user interactive training, and report preparation.
  • indoor air quality - survey / investigation / HVAC evaluation / air monitoring - (CO2, CO, temperature, humidity, VOC, etc); submit comprehensive written report with findings and remediation / control recommendations.
  • indoor mould - survey / investigation; submit comprehensive written report with findings and remediation / control recommendations.
  • asbestos - survey / investigation; submit comprehensive written report with findings and remediation / control recommendations.
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Health and Safety Knowledge Management / Education

  • staff health and safety knowledge / training gap assessment
  • safety training regulatory compliance assessment
  • develop occupational health and safety education / training management program
  • select credible high quality safety training service provider and coordinate training activities
  • Health and Safety Management Training

    Offered by Institute for Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Ltd.
    Instructor: Dr. Peter Strahlendorf, B.Sc.(Hon. Biol.), B.E.S., LL.B., LL.M., S.J.D., CRSP

    • Due Diligence
    • The Internal Responsibility System
    • OHS & E Management Systems OHS & E Strategies for Senior Management
    • OHS Legislation
    • The Role of Health & Safety Committees
    • Environmental Legislation
    • Quality Principles in OHS & E Management
    • Professional Development Courses (CRSP Prep Course)
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