Health and Disease Information for the General Public

Harvard Health Publications (Harvard Medical School)

Health Information For General Public - (A Vermont Government Website)

Information Leaflets for the General Public - (Health Protection Surveillance Centre, Dublin, Ireland)

"We are not ready": Experts warn world is unprepared for next Ebola-size outbreak (CBC)

Interim Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfection of Vehicles with Rodent Infestations (CDC)

Statement from Dr. David Williams, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health, on Seoul Virus Infection to rat exposure in Ontario (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care)

Diseases directly transmitted by rodents - (CDC)

Diseases directly transmitted by rodents: Worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases - (CDC)

Asbestos: elimination of asbestos-related diseases - Fact sheet Updated June 2016 (WHO)

Asbestos - (There is NO "SAFE" level of asbestos exposure for any type of asbestos fiber) - (U.S. OSHA)

New cases of mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer in one year cost $1.9B (Institute for Work & Health)

Full Asbestos Ban, changed codes and regulations expected by 2018 - Candian Government to prohibit asbestos in new construction and renovations, ban it in imports such as brake pads (CBC News)

Canada to ban asbestos: What you need to know about the common carcinogen (Global News)

Asbestos - In the Home (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety)

Health risks of asbestos - Asbestos, if inhaled, can cause cancer and other diseases (Government of Canada - Health)

Asbestos awareness for homeowners (Work Safe BC)

Asbestos testing should be required before renovations start, say experts (CBC News)

Study finds deadly radon gas exceeds safe levels in one of eight Calgary homes (Calgary Herald)

Mike Holmes: Catch that silent killer before it gets into your house - Radon is a silent killer (National Post)

Radon in your home (Health Canada)

Homeowner's Guide to Radon (The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) - (pdf)

Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling (Cal/OSHA Consultation Service)

Physical Strength Assessment in Ergonomics (CDC)

Simple Solutions for Home Building Workers - A Basic Guide for Preventing Manual Material Handling Injuries (CDC)

Back pain at work: Preventing pain and injury ( Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)

Sitting at your desk all day increases your risk for heart attack, stroke and even death (MedlinePlus)

Persistent Pain in the Neck! What Resources Help you Prevent MSDs in the Workplace? (NIOSH)

The National Center for Home Food Preservation (The University of Georgia | College of Family and Consumer Sciences)

Guillain-Barré Syndrome Fact Sheet - (National Institutes of Health / National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke)

Norovirus—the stomach bug - (CDC)

Listeria (Listeriosis) - (CDC)

Lead poisoning and health - (WHO)

Private Ground Water Wells - (CDC)

Drinking Water - Diseases and Contaminants - (CDC)

Beyond the cutting and crushing. Keeping you safe from Crystalline Silic - free webinar April 19th 2017 (3M Science)

Healthy Swimming (CDC)

The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality (U.S. EPA)

Future Care for Canadian Seniors: A Primer on Nursing Supply and Demand (The Conference Board of Canada - 2017)

Mumps makes a comeback in Canada and the U.S. (CBC News)

Science Education (NIH)

Diseases & Conditions A-Z List (

Health and Safety for Dairy Farms - Guide Booklet (WorkeSafeBC)

WHO's 'priority pathogens' list highlights urgent need for new drugs - Bacteria are getting tougher, but no truly novel antibiotics have made it to market in 30 years (CBC News)

Approximately 10,000 Canadians Die Every Year as a Result an Infection Acquired in Health Care Buildings - Introduction to CSA Z317.13 - Public Health Ontario - (pdf)

20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors: Patient Fact Sheet (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

Waiting Your Turn: Wait Times for Health Care in Canada, 2016 Report (The Fraser Institute)

Health Videos (MedlinePlus)

Latest Health News (MedlinePlus) (American Academy of Family Physicians)

Lack of Sleep Takes Big Bite Out of World Economies (MedlinePlus)

Making a Healthier Home - Cast Toxins From Your Living Space (NIH)

Infectious Diseases Information - (Public Health Agency of Canada)

Diseases and conditions - (Government of Canada - Health)

Hospitalized Patients and Fungal Infections (CDC)

Flu (influenza) - Know the Flu Facts (Gov. of Canada)

Get Prepared for an Emergency (Public Safety Canada)

Office Environment Safety (NIOSH)


An Office Building Occupants Guide to Indoor Air Quality (U.S. EPA)

The Mold Survival Guide by Jeffrey C. May (Johns Hopkins University Press)

Why Are Biocides Not Recommended for Mould Remediation? (Mould and Bacteria Consulting Laboratories)

Preventing Occupational Respiratory Disease from Exposures Caused by Dampness in Office Buildings, Schools, and Other Nonindustrial Buildings (CDC)

2016 Health Care in Canada survey provides insights into what Canadians think of their health care system - Med e-News McGill Faculty of Medicine Electronic Newsletter. Sunday, October 30th, 2016

1 in 18 Canadian hospital patients experience harm from preventable errors: report - 138,000 people admitted to a Canadian hospital per year faced a harmful event that was potentially preventable (CBC News)

Comparing Performance of Universal Health Care Countries, 2016 (The Fraser Institute)

Printer Emitted Particles: Are they safe? (Center for Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology, T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health)

Best Before and Expiration Dates on Foods – What do they mean? (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

Health risks and safety - Access information about recalls and safety alerts, as well as tips on home safety and being prepared in an emergency (Government of Canada Health)

Health and Safety Information on Household Product (U.S. National Library of Medicine / NIH)

Controlling Silica Exposures in Construction While Operating Handheld Masonry Saws

Lyme disease - (Government of Canada)

Lyme Disease - Learn how to avoid bites from blacklegged ticks, which may carry Lyme disease

Safety of cell phones and cell phone towers - (Government of Canada)

Management of hazardous waste and hazardous recyclable material in Canada - (Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Hazardous Waste and Recyclable Material - What are hazardous wastes and hazardous recyclable materials and why do they need to be controlled? - (Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Sarcoidosis - Symptoms and causes (Mayo Clinic)

How to dispose of household hazardous waste - (The David Suzuki Foundation)

Workers Exposure to Sewage - (Work Safe Alberta)

The Role of Environmental Reservoirs in Human Campylobacteriosis: Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2013 Nov; 10(11): 5886–5907 - (NCBI)

Assessment of Occupational Exposure Risks to Sewage Workers - Cowie, C et al (Epidemiology: November 2006 - Volume 17 - Issue 6)

Search recalls and safety alerts - (Government of Canada - Health)


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